The Robolution CLUB of BIT Mesra, envisions to Innovate Implement and Inspire ideas to foster the spirit of robotics and automation among it’s pupil by continuously creating hotspots where pool of technical knowledge meets via workshops,fest events and club meetings to discuss problems and work as team to solve real life problems thereby heading towards the idea of “Robotification”

Team Robolution is a group of 35 ingenious students from different branches with a common purpose-“DEXTERING ROBOTICS”.Our aim is to instill Robotics temperament among our fellow students and for this we get them involved as early as possible in various hands-on and multi-disciplinary collaborative experience in designing, building, and programming robots through our workshops conducted for the first and second year students .We provide a platform where students get to implement their theoretical engineering knowledge into practical use and for this we conduct many robotics events in our technical fests. A part of our team ‘Team Pratyunmis’ is the official ABU ROBOCON participating team of BIT Mesra which is the largest robotics competition in Asia Pacific. Our best rank in ABU-ROBOCON is 9th(out of 105) .Well defined goals, an organized and disciplined work structure and motivated members are the features of the club that have helped the club to grow to a level where we see it now.



Team Pratyunmis

"When hardwork and skill works together,
           expect a masterpiece."

BIT MESRA has been witnessing remarkable enthusiasm of its students for participation in various technical events across the country. Taking a step ahead, a group of promising engineers has ventured into an all new arena of ABU ROBOCON. 25 members of Team Robolution are selected for Team Pratyunmis who represent BIT Mesra at ABU Asia Pacific Robot Contest.

The team bears the name Pratyunmis, a word of Sanskrit origin meaning `to rise or shine forth`.

We at Pratyunmis are subdivided into many small teams –mechanical team,drives team,electronics team,simulation team etc.Each team strives hard to come up with the best solution for the problem statement and the amalgamation of the best ideas from the different subteams is what we implement in our final bot and present it on the D-DAY of ROBOCON. The global exposure and standard garnered by the ROBOCON event over the years has made it a compelling prospect to look out for. The participation at such a level has resulted into flaming the spark of achieving something better and bigger in each of the members of the team, encouraging them to find efficient techniques, models and algorithms and even discovering new ones as and when required. It has also kindled a sense of team work and responsibility towards respecting time and resources which are essential to an appropriate professional life and even as a person.Our hardwork paid off well when we achieved the 9th rank in the ABU ROBOCON CONTEST(2015) but we are looking forward to improve and do even better in the upcoming years.

Our Achievements


  • Third Best Rookie Team.

Problem Statement

Past 5 Years.


The Club robolution oragnises the following workshops.

Gateway to Robotics, as the name suggests, opens the door to the field of robotics as it basically focuses on the whole upshot of Robots. This workshop deals with Mechasap- dealing with mechanical aspects of a robot which is to design the structure of a bot , Electrosap- dealing with the circuitry of the bot and Prosap- dealing with the programming of the bot ie. its brain. Robotics is not limited to humanoids(as thought by many) but the aura of robotics include swarm robotics, nano robotics to simple household robots like washing machine etc.

Digital Image Processing provides the robot with its very own “eyes”. Vision is the art to see what is invisible to others. Image Processing enables us to provide our robots with more vivid sensors to learn about the environment around it and actuate accordingly. It is a 3 day workshop which starts with the introduction of MATLAB (MATrix LABoratory ) environment. In this workshop, freshmen are introduced to different types of images, different colour models such as RGB, YCbCr, HSV and YUV, and their inter conversion. Noise, the unwanted part of an image, which needs to be removed, is removed through different noise removal techniques. Various morphological operations like open, close, erode, dilation etc. are also taught. Real time detection marks the final stage of the workshop where object detection using a ball or bottle is demonstrated.

Microcontroller comes into play with this workshop. The workshop continues for 7 days. Embedded systems are build to solve only specific problems. This workshop was concentrated on the microcontroller AT90USB1287 which belongs to the 8 bit family of AVR Mega Microcontroller. Topics like Clock Sources, Interrupts, Timers, Motors, PWM, Serial Communication etc. Special attention was given to practical implementations. Edge detector, Line follower, Bluetooth controlled bot, Ultrasonic depth sensor etc. are demonstrated to implicate the teachings of the workshop.





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